Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry Tour Packages
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Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry Tour Packages (4N/5D)

Upon your arrival, our driver warmly welcomes you at Bangalore Airport, Railway Station, or any designated location. Drive to the hotel, check in, and after some relaxation, embark on a delightful local sightseeing adventure:

Day 01: Chennai Discovery / Exploring the City:

  1. Egmore Museum: Dive into the rich history and heritage of Chennai at the Egmore Museum, the second oldest museum in India. Founded by the Scottish surgeon Edward Balfour, the museum houses an extensive collection of Roman antiquities, making it a significant cultural landmark.

  2. Kapaleeshwarar Temple: Pay a visit to the magnificent Kapaleeshwarar Temple, a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Admire the Dravidian architecture and seek blessings in the divine ambiance of this ancient temple.

  3. Parthasarathy Temple: Explore the Parthasarathy Temple, a 6th-century Hindu Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura and architectural marvel of this sacred site.

  4. Guindy National Park: Discover the natural beauty within the city limits at Guindy National Park. As the 8th-smallest National Park in India, it offers a protected area for diverse flora and fauna, providing a peaceful escape.

  5. Marina Beach: Experience the allure of Marina Beach, the second-longest urban beach in the world. Stroll along the Bay of Bengal, taking in the scenic beauty and vibrant atmosphere of this popular destination.

  6. Besant Nagar Beach (Elliot’s Beach): Relax at Besant Nagar Beach, also known as Elliot’s Beach. Enjoy the coastal serenity and unwind in this natural urban escape in the Besant Nagar neighborhood.

  7. Thiruvanmiyur Beach: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Thiruvanmiyur Beach, known for its quiet and isolated charm. Take in the stunning views of the Bay of Bengal in this serene coastal setting.

  8. Marundeeswarar Temple: Conclude your day of exploration with a visit to Marundeeswarar Temple, dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. Experience the spiritual ambiance of this temple located adjacent to the Bay of Bengal.

As the day comes to a close, return to your hotel in the evening and enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in Chennai, anticipating the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 02: Chennai to Mahabalipuram Marvels and Coastal Bliss

Embark on a fascinating journey to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Mahabalipuram, after a delightful breakfast at 8 am. Explore the cultural and historical treasures of this coastal town:

  1. Krishna Mandapa: Begin your exploration at Krishna Mandapa, an intriguing monument that forms part of the Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram. Marvel at the intricate carvings and cultural significance of this site.

  2. Arjuna’s Penance: Witness the grandeur of Arjuna’s Penance, also known as the Descent of the Ganges. Admire the giant open-air rock relief carved on monolithic rock boulders, measuring 96 by 43 feet.

  3. Sri Krishna Butter Ball: Discover Krishna’s Butterball, a colossal balancing rock, a granite boulder resting on a short incline. Explore the historical coastal resort town of Mamallapuram and witness this unique geological wonder.

  4. Ganesha Ratha: Explore the Ganesha Ratha, one of the ten rathas carved out of pink granite within the Pallava Period monuments at Mahabalipuram. Admire the craftsmanship and artistic expression in this ancient site.

  5. Rock Cut Varaha Temple: Visit Varaha Cave Temple, a rock-cut cave temple located at Mamallapuram. Immerse yourself in the historical and architectural significance of this Pallava period structure.

  6. Raya Gopuram: Explore Raya Gopuram, an impressive gopuram (majestic pillar) constructed during the era of the Raya clan. Experience the architectural splendor within the premises of Meenakshi Temple.

  7. Droupadi Bath: Ascend to Draupadi’s Bath situated atop the hill between the Descent of Ganga relief panel and Koneri lake. Appreciate the cultural and historical richness of this monument.

  8. Ramanuja Mandapa: Visit Ramanuja Mandapam, a cave temple from the Pallava period dating back to the 7th century. Explore the unique architecture and cultural significance of this historic site.

  9. Light House: Climb to the top of the Light House near the Mahishasur Mardini Mandapam. Enjoy breathtaking views of Mahabalipuram and its surroundings from this vantage point.

  10. Mahishamardini Rock Cut Mandapa: Explore the Mahishasuramardhini Mandapa, a rock-cut cave temple dating from the late 7th century. Discover the intricate carvings and stories depicted in this Pallava dynasty monument.

  11. Ishwar Temple: Visit the Olakkannesvara Temple, also known as Ishwar Temple, overlooking the Coromandel Coast. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura of this ancient structure.

  12. Pancha Ratha: Witness the grandeur of the Pancha Ratha, a collection of five chariot-shaped monuments built entirely from greyish-white granite. Admire the unique architecture and craftsmanship.

  13. Tiger Cave: Conclude your exploration with a visit to the Tiger Cave, a rock-cut Hindu temple complex near Mahabalipuram. Marvel at the carvings and architectural features, including the tiger heads.

  14. Sea Shore Temple: Discover the Shore Temple, a complex of temples and shrines overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Appreciate the structural beauty and historical significance of this 8th-century AD monument.

  15. Mahabalipuram Beach: Unwind and enjoy the golden sandy beach of Mahabalipuram. Take in the serenity and beauty of one of the longest beaches in India, surrounded by the sparkling sea and rolling hills.

  16. Optional Explorations: If time permits, consider visiting additional sites such as the Mineral Museum, Heritage Museum, Sri Karunakara Perumal Temple, and the Pearl Museum.

After a day filled with cultural exploration and coastal bliss, return to the hotel for a relaxing overnight stay in Mahabalipuram.

Day 03: A Tranquil Journey from Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry

Embark on a serene journey from Mahabalipuram to the charming town of Pondicherry after a delightful breakfast at 9 am. Immerse yourself in the unique attractions this coastal haven has to offer:

  1. Auroville: Begin your exploration at Auroville, an experimental township known for its spiritual and communal living. Founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa and designed by architect Roger Anger, Auroville offers a unique and harmonious environment.

  2. Auro Beach: Relax at Auro Beach, a fantastic and peaceful stretch along the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the soothing sound of the waves.

  3. Botanical Garden: Explore the Botanical Garden in Pondicherry, a lush oasis with diverse plant species. Open from 10 AM to 5 PM, the garden invites you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty throughout the year.

  4. P.J Abdul Kalam Science Centre and Planetarium: Visit the Puducherry Science Centre & Planetarium in Lawspet. Designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums, the center offers engaging science demonstrations and live experiments.

  5. The Sacred Heart Basilica: Marvel at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a splendid example of Gothic Revival architecture. Situated on the south boulevard of Pondicherry, the basilica features rare stained glass panels depicting events from the life of Christ and saints.

  6. Puducherry Beach (Rock Beach): Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Rock Beach, a popular stretch of beachfront along the Bay of Bengal. Stretching 1.2 kilometers, it starts from the War Memorial and ends at Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue.

  7. Serenity Beach: Experience the tranquil ambiance of Serenity Beach, located near Kottakuppam. This serene beach, set against the backdrop of a fishing village, offers a peaceful retreat.

Conclude the day with a scenic drive to your hotel in Pondicherry, where you can unwind and enjoy an overnight stay.

Day 04: Discovering Pondicherry’s Charms

Embark on a fascinating exploration of Pondicherry’s cultural and spiritual landmarks after breakfast at 9 am:

  1. Promenade Beach (Rock Beach): Begin your day with a visit to Promenade Beach, also known as Rock Beach. This 1.2-kilometer-long stretch along the Bay of Bengal offers a scenic and refreshing experience.

  2. Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Explore the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual community founded in Pondicherry. Established by Sri Aurobindo after his retirement from politics in 1910, the ashram is a center for spiritual seekers.

  3. Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple: Visit the Manakula Vinayagar Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This ancient Hindu temple is a popular pilgrimage site and tourist destination.

  4. French Colony: Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the French Colony, reflecting Pondicherry’s rich history as the largest French colony in India until 1954. Explore the French influence on culture and architecture.

  5. Rock Beach (Optional): Revisit Rock Beach, one of Pondicherry’s best-kept and most popular beaches. Enjoy the coastal breeze and the unique blend of rocky and sandy landscapes.

  6. New Lighthouse: Admire the New Lighthouse, constructed in the 20th century by the government of India. Experience the historical significance of this iconic structure.

  7. Mahatma Gandhi Statue: Pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at the Mahatma Gandhi Statue, a white structure surrounded by granite pillars that houses a bronze statue of the revered leader.

  8. Puducherry Museum: Explore the Pondicherry Museum, renowned for its art and history collection. Marvel at the fine lost wax bronzes from the Chola Empire period, boasting one of the largest collections of Chola bronzes.

  9. Our Lady of Angels Church: Visit the Our Lady of Angels Church, the fourth oldest church in Puducherry. Built in Greco-Roman architecture by Napoleon III in 1855, the church is a testament to Pondicherry’s historical heritage.

  10. Sri Karaneswar Nataraja Pyramid Temple: Conclude your day at the Sri Karaneswar Nataraja Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This unique pyramid-shaped temple stands as a distinctive architectural marvel.

As the day unfolds, appreciate the diverse facets of Pondicherry’s culture, spirituality, and history. Return to your hotel for a peaceful overnight stay in Pondicherry.

Day 05: Pondicherry to back home.

Post breakfast, embark on your return journey at your preferred location, be it Airport, Bus Station, or Railway Station. The tour concludes with cherished memories. 

  • Accommodation in all destinations
  • Your preferred private car (AC or non-AC)
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary in Bengaluru.
  • Driver allowance.
  • Toll, Parking fees and Fuel charges
  • Available taxi service within the scheduled itinerary
  • Breakfast in hotel/resort
  • Pickup and drop in the same vehicle
  • Breakfast in Hotel/Resort
  • Interstate vehicle permit (if applicable)
  • To and fro Air, Bus, and Train tickets
  • Personal expenses
  • Laundry, Booze, Phone bills, Shopping, etc.
  • Entry fees at monuments (wherever applicable)
  • Mineral water bottle. Any Item which is not mentioned in the Inclusion section.
  • Speed boating, pedal boating, row boating, canoeing.
  • Lunch / Dinner (MAP / AP plans are exceptions)
  • The vehicle will be available for your use between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm. If utilized outside these hours, an additional driver allowance will be applicable

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